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Any and all accomodation not mentioned/ specified.
Any and all domestic and international flights not mentioned/ specified
Any and all meals not mentioned/ specified
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Any and all sightseeing excursions not mentioned/ specified
Any and all Items and costs of a personal nature
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Travel and medical insurance
Visa services



• Travel Itinerary
• Match Tickets
• Hotel Voucher if required
• Air Ticket if included in your package
• Merchandise voucher if included in your package
• Travel Insurance if included in your package
• Lanyard for your match tickets and transfers
• ToePorn SA Flag Socks

• Our corporate groups enjoy the luxury of local English-speaking guides and Sportsnation representatives to assist you with your transfers, check in’s and match day mania, but to keep costs down for the individuals we dont offer this service.
• In your itinerary we try to include some limited local knowledge to set you off in the right direction and we are always only a phonecall away if you have any administrative issues with accomodation or tour related products.

I lose my match ticket:
• Should you lose your match ticket or if it is stolen, it is UNREPLACEABLE. Please make sure that you keep your match tickets in a safe place at all times.



A typical travel insurance policy will have coverage for a traveler’s main concerns, including trip cancellations, medical emergencies, travel delays, and lost luggage. Most policies are built to be comprehensive toprotect travelers from a variety of events that may cause a financial loss before or during their trip. It isn’t a prerequisite but it is highly recommended and for only R500pp its certainly advisable. For more information visit

For the avid traveller getting from point A to point B is part of the adventure but if you’d like us to organise transfers from the Airport to the Hotel and back as well as match day transfers we are more than willing and able to assist. For this tour the additional transfers are R750pp. 

The best part about a sports tour is feeling the part, allow us to help you with this customized package just for this tour which includes a bag, cap & shirt all for only R500pp.

We’re going green and will send you all your travel documents through our customised app, but in order to send you your merchandise we will need to courier it or you’re welcome to collect from Pretoria, Centurion or Johannesburg. Courier costs within SA are R150pp. 

Should you wish to add a night, book flights or upgrade your tickets please feel free to contact us directly




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Hereunder we have provided helpful information regarding the relevant Visa process, however, it is still your sole responsibility to follow up on the correct procedure should anything have changed since our last investigation into this process.

South African passport holders need a VISA to enter Australia.
South African passport holders can apply online for an Australian visa or at a visa application centre in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.
You should lodge your visa application well in advance (at least 4 weeks) of your date of departure.

How to Apply
1. Check that your Passport has a validity of at least 6 months after the date of your travels to Australia.
2. Collect all the required Documentation
Certified copies of all original documents are required, but police certificates must be the originals.
If you supply documents in a language other than English, then they must be accompanied by certified English translation.
You will also need to supply a completed version of the application form, and it’s important that you use the latest version of the form depending on the visa you’re looking for. For visa options:
Each applicant must fill in their own separate form – note that a child counts as a separate applicant and each of them must have their own forms filled out.
You will need to provide documentation which convinces Australian immigration authorities that you:
• have sufficient funds to support yourself during your holiday in Australia.
• meet the health requirements.
• are going to do, and only do the activities in the Tourism stream. Provide a detailed itinerary. Include details of your hotel reservations or if you’re staying with a friend/family then their details and a letter of invitation to visit. This also involves making Australia comfortable that you are going to leave at the end of your stay; e.g. provide evidence of property you own in South Africa, ask your employer to write a letter indicating that the leave is temporary and you are returning to your job, list family members who stay in South Africa and/or show that you are enrolled at a university, school or college which you’ll be returning to, to study.
• meet the character requirements, as set out in the Migration Act. You will need to answer a plethora of questions about your criminal record.
• Provide copies of your military discharge papers and service record; if applicable.
• do not owe any money to Australia’s government.
• if you are a parent/step-parent of somebody residing in Australia, then point this out, as they’ll be more open to providing a longer stay.
If you’re younger than eighteen then the following documents are required, signed before a Notary:
• Form 1257.
• Proof that you are a student at your school/college/university.
• Prove that all those who lawfully may decide where you may be, consents to you being in Australia.
• If one or both of your parents wont be accompanying you, then you need your unabridged birth certificate, a completed Form 1229 signed by both parents and with both parents’ ID/passport and photos.
• Provide two forms of ID, with a signature, for a parent who is not accompanying you.
• If one of your parents have died, then provide evidence that your remaining parent or legal guardian has legal custody over you.
• If there are any legal custody issues, then provide details thereof.
• If both your parents aren’t travelling with you; then you will require a declaration signed by the person who will be taking care of you in Australia.
• a copy of the pages in your passport which shows your personal details and photograph), and other countries to which you have travelled.
• Specify the street address (not postal address!) where you are staying whilst your visa application is being considered, and inform if you change your address for more than 2 weeks (14 days).
• Passport photos taken in the last 6 months.
• If you’re wanting somebody else to receive communications, then complete form 956, 956A and Part K.
Ensure that all documents are certified.
Once you have completed all the forms, make a copy for yourself.
3. Apply online via an IMMI account
We assume you’re residing in South Africa, ie outside of Australia (there are different rules for applying within Australia, e.g. when trying to extend a visa). You will first set up an online IMMI account with the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This is where you will fill in the application form and also upload the documents required for the visa. Once you submit this, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email, you will get an attachment and in it you will see a bar-code and a number under it. This is your VLN number. You will require the VLN number for the next step in the process, when you set up an appointment with TLScontact.
To create an online IMMI Account. Once you have logged in, click “New application”:
Select the type of application you’re making, either:
• Temporary Skill Shortage Visa
• Air & Sea Crew
• Citizenship
• Family
• Health
• Refugee & Humanitarian
• Resident Return
• Skilled Migration
• Student
• Temporary Work (Activity)
• Visitor
• Work & Holiday
4. Set up appointment with TLScontact
In order to progress to this step you must have first obtained a VLN number, as outlined in the previous step. You must make an appointment before going to the TLScontact visa application centre to do your application. Select the visa application centre you’d like to use:
At the top left of the following screen click “Register” to set up a profile with your email address, or log in if you already have a profile. You will then be given a TSLScontact reference number (e.g. M123456). Please note that you will then need to create an application in order to book your appointment as per the steps described below:
• Click “Create an application”.
• Fill in the application with the purpose of your travel and your personal information.
• Confirm the application by clicking on the “Confirm” button.
• Choose your appointment date and time.
During your visit, you should inter alia provide your original passport, the confirmation letter (with a barcode) and the service fees amount.
5. Pay the applicable Fees
There are 2 types of fees which are payable: (1) an application service fee, and (2) a visa application charge. These fees are not set out here, as they are changed on 1 July of each year.
These fees are non-refundable – e.g. if your visa is refused you don’t get your money back.
These fees are paid to TLScontact. The preferred method of payment is via credit card, but debit cards may also be used.

Types of Visas
• Tourist (short stay) visa
• Business visitor visa
• Temporary work visa (short stay activity)

Visa Processing Time
• Tourist (short stay) visa – 14 to 27 days
• Business visitor visa – 8 to 29 days
• Temporary work (short stay activity) – 10 to 19 days

A successful application will afford you a single or multiple entry visa for a stay period of up to three, six or twelve months. The Australian government will tell you how many times you are permitted to enter the country on your visa:
• Travellers might be allowed to enter only once. In this situation, you will have to apply for a new visa if you wish to return to Australia again after you leave.
• Travellers might be able to travel to and from Australia as many times as they wish while the visa is valid. However, the total time you spend in the country cannot be more than the period of stay that you have been granted.
• Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the date that you will enter Australia.

Australia Visa Costs
Applicants are to make payment at the time of application submission.
Please note no cash payment will be accepted, only debit/credit card payment.

Tourist/Business Visitor (Subclass 600)
Visa payment type: Base application charge
Visa Fee in AUD: 140
Visa Fee in ZAR : 1470

Temporary work (Short Stay) (Subclass 400)
Visa payment type: Base application charge
Visa Fee in AUD : 280
Visa Fee in ZAR: 2930
Visa payment type: Secondary applicant (Additional applicant charge 18+)
Visa Fee in AUD: 280
Visa Fee in ZAR: 2930
Visa payment type: Secondary applicant (Additional applicant charge under 18)
Visa Fee in AUD: 70
Visa Fee in ZAR: 740
*Please note that Rand values are subject to the Australian Dollar to Rand exchange rate.

TLSContact Service Fees
Primary Service Fees @ R1033
· Application lodgement and biometric collection – Primary Applicant
· Resident return Australian visa applications – no biometric collection is required

Secondary Service Fees @ R831
· Application lodgement and biometric collection – Additional applicant on the same form as
the primary applicant
· Citizenship by descent and Australian Declaratory Visa applications – no biometric collection
· Additional Document Drop – For applicants who wish to submit additional documents while
her/his application has already been transferred to the DIBP.

Biometric Service Fee @ R828
· Biometric collection only – Applicants who have already lodged online and only require

Visa applications can be couriered to the Visa Application Centre in Johannesburg for an additional fee of R130.

TLSContact Bank Details:

HSBC Bank PLC Johannesburg Branch
Account name: TLS CONTACT SA
Account No: 121-015846-001

Australia Visa Requirements
Travellers are advised to do their visa application online, by creating an online account known as ImmiAccount. You will be able to manage your online visa application.
If you are unable to do an online visa application, the alternative method is by applying at a TLScontact Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC).
Be sure to have the following documents ready when applying for your tourist (short stay) visa:
• A completed and signed Form 1419 – application for general tourists.
• Certified copies of your passport – the biographical pages with the holder’s photo and personal details.
• A passport – with at least 6 months validity before the expiry date.
• One recent passport-sized photo (45 mm x 35 mm) – not older than 6 months.
• A certified copy of your birth certificate.
• Proof that you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay (recent bank statements, pay slips, taxation records or credit card limit).
• If you are visiting relatives or friends, a letter of invitation from your relative or friend in Australia.
• Your itinerary for your stay in Australia.
• Information showing that you have an incentive and authority to return to your home country, such as:
• Evidence of property or other significant assets owned in your home country.
• Evidence of immediate family in your home country
• A letter from your employer stating your intention to return to your job.

What Does the Visa Process Involve?
• Once at the Visa Application Centre, an agent will check that you have all the required documents.
• These documents include your passport, a completed application form, your appointment confirmation form, and any additional supporting documents you wish to be considered for your application.
• Make sure to provide certified copies of original documents.
• All documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
• Should there be any documents missing, you can choose to proceed with your application or choose not to submit your visa application and re-apply at a later time.
• Visa and service fees are non-refundable once you have submitted your application.
• Once you’ve passed the document review stage, pay the visa application charge and the relevant services at the cashier.
• You will be notified directly by the Australian Visa Office (DIBP), once your application has been processed and a decision has been made.
• Upon collection of your documents at the Visa Application Centre, bring along your “Visa Application Checklist” provided by TLScontact, and an original ID document.
• If you wish to have a third party collect your documents on your behalf, she/he should bring an authorisation letter signed by you.

Business Visitor Visa – Document Checklist

Temporary Work Short Stay Visa – Document Checklist

Health Requirements
All applicants who wish to stay in Australia for 6 months or more require an x-ray and medical examination.
If you have spent 28 days or longer (after 5 May 2014) in the following countries, you will need to provide a certificate against Polio with your visa application:
Afghanistan, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

Application Centres
Address: 1st Floor, Menlyn Corner, Gobie Street, Corner of Lois/Atterbury Road, (Opposite to Menlyn Park Shopping Centre) Menlyn, Pretoria
Phone: 012 472 3800
Hours: 08h30 – 16h00

Address: 2nd Floor, 24 Central, 6 Gwen Lane, Corner of Gwen and Fredman Drive, Sandown, Sandton
Phone: 012 472 3800
Hours: 08h30 – 16h00

Address: 430 Peter Mokaba Ridge, 3rd Floor, Office Tower, The Atrium, Overport City, Durban
Phone: 012 472 3800
Hours: 08h30 – 15h30

Cape Town
Address: Upper Ground Floor, Media Quarter Building, Cnr of De Smidt Street & Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town
Phone: 012 472 3800
Hours: 08h30 – 15h30

Australian High Commission (Pretoria)
Address: 292 Orient Street, Cnr Schoeman Street, Arcadia, Pretoria
Telephone: 012 423 6000 / 012 342 8442
Hours: Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 16h00


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