The Pundits August 24, 2012 21.5K views

It’s been roughly one and a half Football seasons since I started actively using Twitter. I say ‘seasons’ because that’s how I live my life… by Football seasons and not by years. Since I’ve started tweeting, I’ve been following fellow Football fans and after a while they started following me back. Now, as most of you will know, with any match-day, Twitter is alive with banter and chirps from all football fans; whether your team is playing on the day or not, you tend to get dragged into it.

For a while now I’ve noticed some trends among fans from certain teams. Maybe ‘trends’ is the wrong word… I’ve noticed some similarities amongst fans from certain teams. To prove what I’m trying to get at, I will now attempt to share my views of some teams’ fans on Twitter. And before you crucify me: There are obviously exceptions to every rule, but if the shoe fits….

Disclaimer: I am an avid Chelsea fan. I am trying to write this as unbiased as possible.

United fans are a tricky bunch to be honest. When under attack, they have a very good comeback most of the time. Their club’s success under Alex Ferguson and Howard Webb has been well documented and when pushed into a corner in a argument, they will simply end it off with a sentence that contain the words “19 Titles”. This is often their only way out and they are not afraid to use it. They are the type of people that will call for John Terry’s head as England Captain after he slept with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend but when Ryan Giggs sleeps with his BROTHER’s wife…they are willing to look the other way.

All in all, not a bad bunch. Never criticize Sir Alex, Giggs or Scholes and you should get along with them. If you feel you have to take a swipe at their players, Michael Carrick is a safe option as most of them don’t like him anyway.

Easily the most hated bunch of fans around… something that they are actually proud of. Most of them aren’t old enough to remember the last time they won the league yet they are more than willing to act like they won it last season. Liverpool fans do not take criticism well… if you were to say something like “Steven Gerrard had a bit of a shocker last night hey?” they hear something completely different. They hear something to the tune of “Steven Gerrard is bloody useless hey? He’s always been your worst player and you should have sold him years ago.”

When you direct the slightest bit of negativity towards a Liverpool fan, they will take it up personally and most probably never speak to you again. Rest assured though because next year is inevitably Liverpool’s year!






(If you know any City fans, please let me know how they are and I will kindly fill in the blanks.)